I'm Charlene Villena and I'm an artist based in San Diego, CA. Since the young age of 3 (maybe even younger), I fell in love with everything related to Art. Throughout my adolescence, I've been a huge fan of the show "Daria" and the Betty & Veronica comic books. With that obsession, I somehow meshed the two and created my own girly illustrations which are now known as my Doodleinas. I like to experiment with different techniques so my Doodleinas are ever-changing as I'm still finding a style that is truly my own.

In May 2011, I earned my AA degree in 2-dimensional Fine Art and have been working hard on improving in my craft. I've grown a lot and have experimented with various mediums and my love for acrylic paint and watercolor are here to stay. 

To further my talent, I wanted to start something new and incorporate other things that I'm interested in. My enjoyment for making videos has been a favorite hobby of mine since I was young so I thought I'd make my own YouTube channel. I launched my channel in February 2014 and have been showcasing my love for Urban Sketch, painting daily things that bring me joy (a series that I call "Slice of Doodles"), my Doodleinas, etc. This YouTube journey of mine is just beginning and my main purpose is to inspire artists and people around the world to "Create Everyday, Stay Motivated" and most of all to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. 


"Create Everyday, Stay Motivated."

- yours truly