Current Situation #2


I haven’t had time to work on this piece until now. I started adding ink and I’m liking it so far.

Yesterday I spent running errands, doing laundry, cleaning out my closet and just relaxing. Today I woke up super early because I thought I had to get an oil change for my car but it turns out my car is still at 40%. Since I was already up, I went to Zion Market for some yummy Korean food and Tokyo Central for a couple of sweet treats. Later in the afternoon, I went to get my nails done with my sister and niece. I went with a dusty rose color which is one of my go-to shades.

I finished watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It’s so good! I finished both seasons within a week, lol. I’m so in love with the 1950’s and the profanity just made it even better and more hilarious. I absolutely loved the vibrancy and cinematography.

So, I filmed a decluttering video of my art supplies last week and I’m still editing. Hoping I can have it up before February!

One Of My Favorite Feelings

As mentioned in my 2019 Art Goals video (watch here), this year I will be focusing on integrating people into my illustrations as well as working with gouache.

Along with that, I want my illustrations to involve story telling. These moments I want to depict are moments that I often crave and give me feelings of happiness. I want my viewers to use their imagination and create their own story. It’s not just an illustration of friends having a good time at a coffee shop. What kind of conversation are they having? What’s their go-to drink? What coffee shop do they often meet up at? :)

Anyway, I used 3-4 reference photos and meshed them all together. I changed a couple things prior to painting and I’m sure during this whole process I’ll be adding others things. I’m still debating on whether or not I should outline/ink everything after everything’s painted.

I’m currently listening to this as I paint. If you’re into hip hop/r&b, I think you’ll enjoy this:

Have a great weekend! :)

Current Situation #1


The past two days of work have been really stressful and rough, so I’m happy to be in my pjs all day, sitting in my studio and getting shit done. I’m editing my first video of the year which I’m hoping to put up real soon so make sure to check it out! It’s more of a chatty update video.

I’m still using my “ancient” Macbook pro for all my photoshop needs and my cousins PC laptop for video editing on Premiere Pro. Ya’ll know my struggle with saving up for a new Macbook Pro, so I’m really praying 2019 is the year I finally upgrade!

First Day Off in 2019

Leuchtturm1917 sketchbook, Graphgear 500, Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils & Copic multiliners

Leuchtturm1917 sketchbook, Graphgear 500, Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils & Copic multiliners

I had this for lunch and it hit the spot!

Today I just stayed home and did some chores. I cleaned my bathroom, did my laundry and spent some time in the studio. I’m still fighting off this cold and my voice still sounds horrible but I’m so grateful for this day off to relax and do what I want :)

A lot of times I feel like two days off isn’t enough. I always feel so scatterbrained and anxious trying to get as much done as possible before I have to work again. I usually spend my first day off running errands (i.e. getting gas for the new work week, grocery shopping, going to Target to buy the essentials) and I end up just wanting to go straight home and lounge.

I’m hoping I can make time to go out to coffee shops and sketch like I used to. I’ve been brainstorming new ideas for illustrations and I’m gaining inspiration from everyday life and just other artists as well. I definitely want to practice drawing people as I would like to integrate them into my work again. Just like the “People of…” illustrations I’ve done in the past. I’m pretty excited just thinking about it. I’ll definitely post up work in progress shots on here for you all to see.

Other than that, I watched “Bird Box” the other night and it was really good! I’ve also been watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” which is motivating me to get rid of some stuff and reorganize everything!

Back at it again!

Happy New Year!

It’s been a couple years since I’ve last blogged on here. It feels nice to be back!


For the new year, I’ve decided to spend less time on social media. Basically just Instagram. I’ve actually started half way towards 2018, but I want to go a little deeper this time. I’m sure this idea of mine won’t be good for gaining new followers, but I’m not focused on the numbers anymore. What I’m focused on is my own journey as an artist. I want a space where I’m free of the noise and constant scrolling on my feed (which is a huge time waster and major distraction.) This space will allow me to express myself freely, to improve in my work and to share with those who truly support me in my creative journey.

Now, I’m not completely quitting Instagram. I’ve considered leaving for a whole year, but instead I’ve decided to just check in at the end of every month. Since I won’t be frequent on Instagram, that’s where my blog comes in. Since I do work full time, don’t expect daily posts. I’ll definitely try and make time on my days off, though!

Now what about my YouTube? I’m hoping that with me spending less time on Instagram, that I make time to create content. I’ll be honest though, I’d like to stay away from posting up typical art videos (i.e. speed painting, art supply reviews) because I don’t watch those myself. I want my videos to have value and to involve story telling somehow. I definitely want to stick with my roots with documenting life creatively. I’m sure I’ll find my own style. I’m not going to put so much pressure on myself and just trust that everything will work out :)

▲ ▼ ▲

Quick update: I’ve been sick since Christmas and I also hurt my left hand (yes, my writing/drawing hand!) almost a week ago so I’ve been taking it easy these days. I’m feeling great though despite it all. I’m super excited for 2019 and I can’t wait to fill this blog with new art and great things :)

I hope you all are having a great start to the new year!