Back at it again!

Happy New Year!

It’s been a couple years since I’ve last blogged on here. It feels nice to be back!


For the new year, I’ve decided to spend less time on social media. Basically just Instagram. I’ve actually started half way towards 2018, but I want to go a little deeper this time. I’m sure this idea of mine won’t be good for gaining new followers, but I’m not focused on the numbers anymore. What I’m focused on is my own journey as an artist. I want a space where I’m free of the noise and constant scrolling on my feed (which is a huge time waster and major distraction.) This space will allow me to express myself freely, to improve in my work and to share with those who truly support me in my creative journey.

Now, I’m not completely quitting Instagram. I’ve considered leaving for a whole year, but instead I’ve decided to just check in at the end of every month. Since I won’t be frequent on Instagram, that’s where my blog comes in. Since I do work full time, don’t expect daily posts. I’ll definitely try and make time on my days off, though!

Now what about my YouTube? I’m hoping that with me spending less time on Instagram, that I make time to create content. I’ll be honest though, I’d like to stay away from posting up typical art videos (i.e. speed painting, art supply reviews) because I don’t watch those myself. I want my videos to have value and to involve story telling somehow. I definitely want to stick with my roots with documenting life creatively. I’m sure I’ll find my own style. I’m not going to put so much pressure on myself and just trust that everything will work out :)

▲ ▼ ▲

Quick update: I’ve been sick since Christmas and I also hurt my left hand (yes, my writing/drawing hand!) almost a week ago so I’ve been taking it easy these days. I’m feeling great though despite it all. I’m super excited for 2019 and I can’t wait to fill this blog with new art and great things :)

I hope you all are having a great start to the new year!