One Of My Favorite Feelings

As mentioned in my 2019 Art Goals video (watch here), this year I will be focusing on integrating people into my illustrations as well as working with gouache.

Along with that, I want my illustrations to involve story telling. These moments I want to depict are moments that I often crave and give me feelings of happiness. I want my viewers to use their imagination and create their own story. It’s not just an illustration of friends having a good time at a coffee shop. What kind of conversation are they having? What’s their go-to drink? What coffee shop do they often meet up at? :)

Anyway, I used 3-4 reference photos and meshed them all together. I changed a couple things prior to painting and I’m sure during this whole process I’ll be adding others things. I’m still debating on whether or not I should outline/ink everything after everything’s painted.

I’m currently listening to this as I paint. If you’re into hip hop/r&b, I think you’ll enjoy this:

Have a great weekend! :)