"Shoulder Kiss" 2014

I'm so proud of this series mainly because it's the first series I was able to complete! *pats back* I always felt that completing more than 3 pieces was a real struggle for me, but I've jumped that hurdle and I'm ready for more Doodleina series in the future!



Layna, Aubrey

Savannah, Janiya and Robyn

Sidenote: My niece picked the name Layna and my friend Ianne picked Savannah. I actually think they're fitting so I had to use them :)


Through all the busyness that December has brought over the past few weeks, I was able to finally edit my last time lapse video for this series:

I hope you enjoyed this series! I'm thinking of adding these beauties to my Society 6 shop and hopefully in the coming months I'll be able to make prints :)