Not one, but TWO vlogs :)

So if you're following me on Instagram, I painted a portrait of my favorite YouTube couple, Annalee&Jesse a few weeks ago because, why not? They're too awesome and they're so stylish so I had to!

I had a ton of great feedback and it just really warms my heart :)

Not too long ago, I worked 6 days straight this past week and it really exhausted me. When my last shift was done, I looked to YouTube to bring me back to normal state. I came across AnnaLee&Jesse's vlog, where I see my painting of them as their opening clip. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to see it on any of their vlogs, so when I got home that night from work, it totally lifted my mood! 

That alone just made my whole month!

Then this morning, I was catching up on more of their vlogs and the one after this one, surprisingly Jesse mentioned it starting at 1:02. Again, totally lifted my mood. So, thank you AnnaLee&Jesse for the shoutout :) And I'm so glad they like it. 

I'm not used to getting recognized for my Art because I've always been extremely shy about that. But now that I feel more confident in my work, the appreciation and recognition is SO REAL. It's true when they say, when you do what you love and you're confident in what you do, people will notice it and will truly love your work. <3