New Year, New Decor.

Happy New Year!

I'm constantly changing my studio for inspiration, to keep me moving and most of all, because I get tired of looking at the same thing. Hah.

My journey through being a minimalist is still progressing and it has definitely made its way to my studio. Of course I can't change my art supplies into neutral shades, but I wanted to make my walls simple but pleasing to the eyes. My love for geometric/triangular shapes are evident in my first 2015 studio decor.

Yesterday, I made my way to Michael's and bought myself a roll of adhesive vinyl (and a small cutting board.) At first, I traced the triangles with white colored pencil and then cut it with scissors but I thought it would be much faster if I used my trusty x-acto knife. It made the process much easier!  

After all the triangles were cut and placed on the wall, I luckily had a canvas that I haven't used and it was the perfect size. I wrote my quote, "Create Everyday Stay Motivated" in pencil then black acrylic paint and viola! 

I'm loving it so much and probably my favorite decor yet. Thinking of continuing the triangles into my bedroom :) 

By the way, not all triangles were placed randomly. The main purpose was to cover all the ugly nail holes, lol. Then I placed more triangles in random places to make it all flow together. I'll definitely have an updated Studio Tour, but not too soon.