Watercolor Illustration of SOSUPERSAM

I've been a long time supporter of this talented lady. I've listened to all her DJ mixes and have had them all on rotation in the studio and in my car. Never fails to put me in a good mood. Not only is she one of my favorite female DJs, her style is perfection, her sense of humor is totally my kind of humor and she's friggin' gorgeous! So, I had to paint her. Duh.

I'm going to refrain from nit-picking and tuning in on my perfectionism, because that's something I'm definitely trying to change this year! I will say though, I really have improved. I used to have a really tough time with proportions and I think I've got it down pretty well. Working on this piece took me a few hours and it really made me fall in love with watercolor even more. It's totally my jam ;)

Anyway, here's a new time-lapse video! I've got a new set-up that I'm really happy about. Thanks to my cousin, Mark for letting me borrow some of his equipment!

Learn more about her here: http://www.sosupersam.com/ and follow her on Instagram @sosupersam