Slow Down

The frustrating thing about being a creative is that you tend to have soooo many ideas waiting to manifest itself, but you realize that you're only one person and you can't be 'super human'. Ever. 

When I'm working on a project, a new idea shows up and says, "Hey girl, notice me! I'm new around here!" Then I get excited about that new idea and put the current project on hold or try to work on both at the same time. Half of the time, I end up neglecting a project because the new one that comes along sucks all my attention and seems more interesting. I often feel scatterbrained and can't sit still. Maybe I have ADD tendencies, but whatever it kinda takes a toll on me. 

I need to learn how to slow down, to work at my own regular pace. But I feel the more praise and recognition I get, the more I want to work harder, the more I want to produce at a small amount of time and the more I want to inspire and motivate others. I like to challenge myself, but I know I should really take care of myself and know my limits. I'm a Pisces that needs to reCHARge every so often from all the work and people I surround myself with. Everything drains me, and I should always keep that in mind. Don't overwork yourself. Always do your best, but always know your limits. Only YOU know YOU best.

The month of October is a busy month for my family and I made the smart move of having these projects in line. I've been working on these Doodleina Halloween Costume videos, which I have been enjoying but at the same time it has been bringing me stress. People don't realize how much time and effort it takes into filming and editing your own videos. Adding voice overs to the mix? More added stress, lol. Along with that! Don't forget that I also have Simply Newtral (my Minimalist Lifestyle channel and Instagram.) Ugh. I also have other adult responsibilties and Auntie Duties I have to attend to. But you know what? I don't regret any of it because THIS is what makes me happy. More than anything in this world. My actual paying job is my safety net while I build a name for myself. To build on what I love the most. Creative Living is what I strive for and that's what I'm going to continue fighting for. Why stop doing something when it makes you utterly happy? 

It's been awhile since I've resorted to venting on my blog, but I wanted to put it out there. It's always nice to write/type things down because keeping everything bottled up inside isn't good at all.