In love with a new style!

Okay, so I literally got home from work almost 2 hours ago and it's always hard for me to fall asleep right away. I usually don't head over to the studio, but I felt the urge to let my creative juices flowing. I find that it flows smoothly this late because that's when my mind is overflowing with new ideas and inspiration. Oh, night owl tendencies. 

In my previous post "Doodleina Revamped", I talked about how my Doodleinas are constantly evolving and going through so many different styles. I thought I was set on that last one I posted, but I wanted to continue experimenting because I wanted to incorporate my Prismacolor Col-erase colored pencils somehow. I've been enjoying sketching with it so much! 

I played around with my other materials as well, and I am really loving the combination of my colored pencils and ink! AHH. I busted out my trusty bamboo brush, and it never fails. 

I find that this particular style still goes with my whole Minimalist style. I didn't go too crazy with my sketchy lines and refrained from shading in her hair. I'm in love and I'm totally going to play around with this style more! I may integrate my watercolor a bit as well.