All-in-One Leather Clutch

As I was browsing through Pinterest a couple weeks ago, I came across a post of this simple and awesome All-in-One Clutch:

Then it led me to and the rest of my night was engrossed in all of the cuteness that this website had to offer. Like, WHAT THE HECK. My obsession for stationery, pouches, pens, etc etc etc was especially strong that day and after looking at all the beautiful photos for their All-in-One Leather Clutch, I knew I had to get it immediately. 

I got the clutch in this beautiful Mud Gray color, and I'm just in love with it! It looks exactly like the pictures on their site. The best part is that all my doodling essentials fit so snug in the various pockets. It's not pictured in here, but I was also able to put in my SF mini sketchbook today! UH-MAY-ZING. 

I love all-in-one products, and this clutch just does it for me. It's perfect for my minimalist tendencies and I can run errands without bringing my purse. And it has a key holder which is a huge plus. 

I would totally recommend this clutch to anyone. And for you artists out there who like to doodle on-the-go, I think this would be great. I can't wait to bring my new clutch to coffee shops :)

By the way, I'm also expecting another package from them in a couple days. I won't say what yet, but I'm excited about it and I'm already planning on how to use it!