New Journaling Notebook

My love for miniature things are also true with notebooks. There's something so fascinating about it! When I see miniature town models, tiny versions of food and tiny books...the gleam in my eyes is like no other, lol. I don't know what it is! 

So, going back to that day when I was obsessively browsing through, I was looking through their notebooks section in hopes of finding a small notebook just like the Muji one that I'm currently in love with. There were a lot of cute ones that I think are pretty comparable to Muji's, but a lot of the cute ones were already out of stock so I just kept on searching. After a few pages, I saw this one called "Small Moment Plain Notebook". The simple photos of the notebook already got me! They come in various colors: Rose Pink, Brown, Indi Blue, Olive Green, Raspberry and Warm Grey, but the only ones that are currently available are Brown and Rose Pink. I really wanted to get Warm Grey because Grey is my favorite shade. Womp. So I opt for Brown because it's an earth tone shade and I know I won't get tired of it. 

(Size comparison: my iPhone 6 and Muji notebook)

Points to mention:

  1. 2 pages of the world map in the front
  2. personal info on the back page
  3. 186 plain pages (190 w/ map & personal info)
  4. dimension: 5.9 x 4.1 inches
  5. ribbon/bookmark

My thoughts:

  1. The paper weight isn't mentioned on the site or packaging, but I would say the thickness is between Moleskine's plain notebook and their sketchbook. 
  2. I wrote my name out in my 01 micron pen and there wasn't any noticeable bleeding, but you can see ghosting on the opposite side of the page. 
  3. The size is perfect for what I plan on doing with it! :D
  4. Stated on their site it "is a beautiful and well made notebook!" and it really is! <3
  5. I love a lot of Korean products (skincare, fashion & stationery) but my only pet peeve is that when they use English, it usually doesn't make any sense or it's not used properly. In this case, I felt they should've added an "S" to "Moment". Since there are a lot of pages in this notebook, "Moments" would be better because in my case, I'm going to be documenting more than one moment.
  6. Aside from that, I really love the gold embossed lettering! That adds a touch of elegance to a simple notebook.
  7. I don't think I'm going to paint directly on the pages because I don't want it to buckle and bleed.
  8. I love that they're based in Seattle, WA because that means shipping is pretty fast for me.

Anyway! Once I'm done with my Muji notebook (I have about 19 pages left, front and back), I'm going to start using this one. I'm going to use it the same way I've been using my Muji notebook, but I'm also going to add polaroid photos, so it'll be my daily journal/scrapbook/album! I'm really excited to work in this notebook, especially since 2016 is SO NEAR!

By the way, I'm in no way sponsored by MochiThings, I just really love their products and I highly recommend them to those of you who love cute Asian stationery!