Get Organized

So for awhile, I've been using mason jars to store all my art materials. I love how mason jars are so multi-functional.  

Lately though, I've been wanting to change it up a bit, mainly because I wanted an organizer that can fit everything in 1-2 containers so moving them aside would be easier, when I'm filming my speed drawing videos.

I went to Michael's Arts & Crafts this afternoon (mainly for Fall decorations) and I came across these wooden boxes. The wood aisle is one of my favorite spots in Michael's because it always has a lot of neat items made out of wood! So, I ended up buying 4 wooden boxes in different sizes. I spent a good 5-10 mins. in the aisle imagining how I'm going to use and put them together. 

This is what I came up with!

I love how it gives off this vintage feel to it. I also bought these...I actually don't know what they're called (there's no name for it on the packaging) but they look like wood shavings? But anyway, I thought it would be nice to use them to help hold my art materials in place, and it just reminds me of the Fall for some reason. Like, when you go to the pumpkin patch :) 

Anyway, I really like how I've set this up. I love to change things up in my studio quite often, because it helps continue to inspire and motivate me. <3