Slow. Down.

If you don't know this, I do have a regular job. I work in catering, and have been working there for a few years. 

I was supposed to come into work today, but the other night when we were done for the day, I pushed a cart full of silverware back to it's designated room and just one push I felt a jolt of pain in my back. We had about 15 minutes left until we had to clock out and for those 15 minutes I just wasn't feeling my best. Then when I woke up this morning, the pain felt worst than last night so I knew I couldn't go into work today. When you work in catering, it involves a lot of heavy lifting & pushing and just a lot of movement like bending forward and such. 

Thinking about it, I did over-work myself last night. Sometimes I don't realize it and think that I'm capable of doing things on my own, like last night when I literally pushing about 8-10 different carts and stacked racks full of dirty glasses, silverware and plates, etc. All by myself going up and down an elevator, and moving them all into the wash room. Thankfully one of my coworkers (who worked another event downstairs) saw me and helped me push them out. But for the most part, I did most of it. When I see my other coworkers working on their own tasks, I don't like to bother them and last night we were actually understaff which meant twice as much work. I'm used to it, but last night I think it took a toll on me and my body. I definitely strained my back and know I pulled a muscle. Ugh. I'm pretty prone to back painespecially my upper/shoulders because I'm a total side-sleeperbut this time the pain is in my middle to lower back. 

So, I'm here in my studio, taking it slow today. I'm not going to work on any videos or projects. The only thing I'm going to focus on is organizing my planner for the new year. Because it's long over due. I feel that I need to organize my life and thoughts and to just Slow. Down. Plus I have a lot of things planned out in my head for 2016 that I need to transfer onto paper before I forget. 

It's a good thing my parents have this Ultima 5 Muscle Stimulator so I put that on for 45 mins. and slapped on some Salonpas (because I'm a total grandma, lol.)

Well, I've certainly learned my lesson. I need to know my limits and if I need help, I should ask for it. I can be stubborn like that, and sometimes I don't even realize it. Thankfully I'm off tomorrow so I can rest more. Hopefully this pain subsides by Sunday *crossed fingers*

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend <3