February Favorites 2015

As most of you know, I've made Monthly Favorite videos on my YouTube for most of 2014. As fun as it was to record those videos and paint the items, I felt the whole process was way too time-consuming. Sometimes I wasn't in the talking mood, but I would force myself to film and try to have my videos up before the new month started. I was getting stressed over it! 

So this year, I'm going to try a different method of showing you guys my favorite things each month. I got inspired by one of my favorite illustrators, Fran Meneses (@frannerd) to compile my monthly favorites on one piece of paper. It definitely takes me less time since I'm not painting the actual size of the items. And since I've opened up commissions this year, I feel this method gives me time to work on that as well as other side projects. Besides, my blog needs some lovin'! Now onto my February Favorites, y'all!

  1. ADIDAS (superstar): I've been wanting a pair of Adidas for quite some time now. I was going to wait to purchase them online, but when I went to UrbanOutfitters a few weeks ago, I saw them sitting on a shelf...they were callin' my name! I asked the girl for a size 10 in womens (which is what I usually wear), but they were out so I tried the 9 instead. I was surprised to find that they fit me perfectly! Who knew I would fit in a single digit shoe size again?! Lol. They were SO comfortable that I didn't even hesitate to purchase it. I've only worn it once since I bought it mainly because I'm scared to get it dirty, lol. It's gotta happen sometime, eh?
  2. Everlane's Casual Petra Bag: For the longest, I've had my eye on Everlane's Petra Crossbody bag but wasn't ready to cough up $365. It's still my dream bag, but my 2nd favorite from their Petra collection was The Casual Petra Bag. I've always wanted a Tote bag (similar to Madewell's Tote) and after all of Everlane's #5ThingsInMyBag Instagram posts feat. the Casual Petra, I knew I had to get it. Real leather, black, very simple...Ugh! The only downside for me is that there's no interior pockets (which I feel is essential in any bag) but I've worked my way around it and opt for using clutches that fit my needs. You can definitely fit a lot in this bag, but I'm trying to avoid hauling a bunch of things I don't need to reduce shoulder/back pain. This was a total splurge but so worth it!
  3. Daniel Wellington (Classy Sheffield): I'm sure you've seen tons of people on Instagram with this watch. I've been droolin' over this one because it's so simple and classic! It's a watch that you can wear for any occasion because it'll go with anything. I originally wanted to get the Classy Sheffield Lady, but I don't think a big case looks nice with my small wrist. Plus, the Classy Sheffield was much cheaper! Thankfully, one of my favorite illustrators/sneakerhead, Caroll Lyn had a 15% off discount code so I jumped on it! Woot! I'm so in love with this watch, it makes all my simple outfits much more classy ;)
  4. Bitmoji app: This app is on a whole other level of emojis! This app allows you to make a mini-me/cartoon version of yourself :) Once you've made your avatar, there's a ton of bitmojis to choose from! (See examples below) You can set the Bitmoji app to appear on your iMessages so it's easy to send to your friends and family. My cousin Kristine introduced this app to us and my cousins and I have been sending bitmoji texts ever since! It's so fun! 

5. Succulent plant: I purchased this new baby at IKEA and I knew that I wanted to transfer it into a mason jar :) It's so cute and brings life to my studio!

6. NETFLIX + FRIENDS = Best. Thing. Ever. I've been having a marathon ever since! Who doesn't love Friends? It's totally the best companion while I work in the studio :)