I was originally going to record a video for my YouTube, but I just can't find time to do so. Filming and editing takes time, so my second option is this journal! Besides, I think I can be more thorough with my answers on here because I tend to forget things when I'm talking to my camera, lol. Anyway, here ya go!

A: Lol, girl! I should be asking you the same questions! <3


A: Watercolor has always been my go to medium for everything. This medium definitely takes a lot of practice and it's so fun to play with and I like to find different techniques. 

A: There's a HUGE difference. As most of you may know, I like to work on a small to medium scale. With my small planner illustrations, I feel that I'm less prone to being detailed. I feel that my planner illustrations are my form of 'warm-up' exercises because it helps me transition into my other illustration projects that are a bit larger in scale. I flow better and I find that when I'm working in my planner, I feel so at ease :) 

For my medium scale for illustrations, which are usually 4 x 6/6 x 8, and 11 x 14 for my YouTube illustrations (see example here) they obviously take more time to work on, especially since I tend to add details to EVERYTHING. The paper quality is much better and thicker than the paper in my planner, so the perfectionist in me is more prone to doing so. Details are important to me. SO IMPORTANT.

I used to work on canvas and my largest scale was...I don't even remember the size, but it took me almost a year to complete. It was such a challenge for me, I think I cried in between, lol. It was also a very tedious experience and it's definitely something I would not want to do again because it's not my cup of tea. It's not that I can't do it, it's more of I prefer and enjoy working on a small to medium scale. 

A: Everything around me! I get inspired by music, other artists, nature...food. lol. When I'm having those 'off' days, I like to go out and gain inspiration from my surroundings. Usually when that happens, other ideas form in my head and that's when I go into the studio and make it all happen :)

A: You guys, my supporters! Kind messages that I receive from my followers really inspires me the most because it keeps me going. So thank you all! <3

I use the Hobonichi Techno Planner :) Watch my first video on my YouTube (here!)

So that's all of the questions I've received! If you enjoy this format, please let me know in the comments below :) Happy Friday, y'all!