April Favorites 2015

This month, I don't have too many favorites because I've been saving my money, big time. It's a huge accomplishment for me especially during my Minimalist journey :)

  1. ELHAE'S AURA EP - This dude's got those smooth vocals as well as rapping skills. Loving the Hip-Hop/R&B vibes throughout this whole EP and I've been jamming out to it this whole month, and by jamming out I mean full on singing and dancing in the car. No shame! My ULTIMATE favorite track would have to be Sam, I practically know the whole lyrics now, lol. So. Damn. Smooth. Give it a listen here:

2. Pentel GRAPHGEAR 500, 0.3MM - I've been using my favorite 0.5 Pentel pencil for years up until now. I needed a mechanical pencil with thinner lead, especially since my doodleinas are fairly small. It's been quite hard trying to draw in those small details for faces, so I went to Blick and bought this new 'weapon'. I'm SO happy they had it at the store because it definitely saved me $$ with shipping. I've been using this pencil ever since I got it and it's been doing its job really well. I do wish they had a twist eraser like my 0.5 Pentel pencil, but it's okay because I ended up buying Pentel's Clic Eraser which has been doing a great job as well. I guess you can say I love Pentel products! 

3. "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo - First of all, thank you to my KBF#4 for getting me the physical copy of the book! I have the Kindle version, but having the actual book in hand feels much better :) Anyway, what can I say about this book? It's definitely life-changing, that's for sure! I know I talk about Minimalism quite a lot, mainly because I'm going through it right now. This book has really helped me with moving forward with this particular lifestyle. Reading her stories of her past with decluttering and organizing felt like I was reading about my past. Everything she went through with how she used to organize her own room, the way she tried to get rid of her clothes and the whole part with her family was totally ME to the T. I caught myself laughing through it because it was all so true. She gives examples about what types of clients she's had in the past and what kind of clutter they had, as well as ways to organize and declutter your own home. Her KonMari folding method will blow your minddd. I've followed her specific strategy and have decluttered in the categories that she has listed and it's been SO helpful! I'm still in the process of getting rid of my things and it's been a fun process. The one question she has you ask yourself as you declutter is, "Does this spark joy?" Her strategy is so simple and it works. Only focus on keeping the things that bring happiness to your life, and the rest will flow easier from there. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone! :)