March Favorites 2015

A few days late, but here it is!

  1. Canon EOS M - For my New York trip, I didn't want to haul around my bulky dSLR with me. With all the walking I knew we'd be doing, I wanted to have minimal weight on my shoulders. So for months, I've been researching for the perfect compact camera for traveling. Something that had similar features of a dSLR (quality wise) but something lightweight. If you've heard me mention before, I was (and still am) loving Frannerd's Youtube videos. She's a Chilean Illustrator based in Berlin and the the quality of her videos just really got to me. It has the shallow depth of field, bokeh and her vlogs just had the quality of an Indie film. I couldn't get over it! Luckily, she mentioned what camera she was using in one of her videos and since then I read/watched reviews on the Canon EOS M and I knew it was the camera for me. Despite the slow AF, it really doesn't bother me as it may with professional videographers. I mainly used this camera for video because I want to make a Slice of Life/travel vlog for my YouTube channel and the quality is just AMAZE. It does take a while to get used to working with the AF, but I've been loving it thus far. Fortunately, the battery life is long lasting that I rarely had to pop in my extra battery. So kudos to that! I definitely think I'll be using this camera for more of my YouTube videos because of the quality and compactness. It's also great for photos, but since it is a mirrorless camera and doesn't have a flash, taking low light photos may need some practice. 
  2. Muji pens - One of the things on my list for New York was going to Muji. We don't have one in San Diego, and even though they recently opened one in LA, I don't go there often. Anyway, it was everything I had imagined! I didn't spend too much time in there, but the stationery section was like a dream. I picked up a few pens (mostly in 0.38 mm), a highlighter, a notebook and a few of the same things for my brother. I love how inky the pens are and it's much cheaper than micron pens, although I don't know if they're waterproof. I should've grabbed a handful when I had the chance!
  3. Marc Jacobs "Honey" Rollerball - One day I was rummaging through my sister's bathroom for contact solution and saw her Honey perfume and after spritzing a bit on myself, I knew I had to buy it! The scent is so refreshing, it kind of reminds me of fresh laundry but better. I got the rollerball since it was cheaper and is a good size for traveling. 
  4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - My sister introduced me to this show (which is a Netflix original) and I was immediately hooked! It's SO hilarious. It's about 29 year old Kimmy who starts a new life in NYC after she was rescued along with 3 other women from an Indiana cult where the women were held for 15 years. Everything is so new to her, and her mindset is still stuck in 80's linggo and Babysitters Club books. Her roommate Titus is my favorite character in the show. So much sass! Lol. The show is 13 episodes long and was created by Tina Fey, so you know it's funny!
  5. #CAtoNY2015 - Was the hastag my squad/fam used on IG during our trip! SO MUCH FUN! <333
  6. H&M trench - I've been wanting a trench for a while and when I saw this I knew I had to get it for my trip. It's not too heavy and it was great for layering. I can fit a lot in the side pockets which is a huge plus. The only thing I don't like is the belt on the cuffs because they don't stay in place. I'll sew it one of these days, but for now folding them will do just fine, lol.