June Favorites 2015

June just flew by.. time to share my favorites with y'all!

  1. Laura Mercier Silk Créme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation (in Cashew Beige): I went to Sephora to purchase the Stila Foundation (which I had ran out of). After circling around the store, I found out that the Sephora I went to no longer carries Stila products, with the exception of their infamous liquid eyeliner. So, I asked the employee to help me find a new foundation. After discussing what type of foundation I was looking for and what my skin type is, she suggested I try out Laura Mercier's foundation. I was open to trying something new and I'm so glad because I instantly fell in love once she applied it to the right side of my face. FLAW-LESS. She matched my color really well and the right side of my face looked airbrushed, matte and smooth. The girl mentioned that this particular foundation is ideal for photography/video which is a plus for me since I make YouTube videos. Although I do get quite oily throughout the day, but my skin remains flawless and I've received compliments on how natural it looks on me :)

  2. Sephora Pro Airbrush #55: Continuing with my Sephora visit, as the employee was applying the foundation on my face, she was using this brush. I told her that I have been applying my foundation with my hands (washed thoroughly of course!) and she said, "No no nooo!" Haha, whoops. I haven't noticed any shedding, which is great! And I think the best part about this brush is that it's great for stippling. I told her that I have huge pores on my nose and she told me that stippling with this brush will help and it sure did!

  3. Pons Shoes (Black, size 10): I have had these sandals on my bookmark list for a longgg time. Now that it's summer, I thought I'd finally splurge on it! Besides, after donating all my old shoes, I wasn't left with any sandals. Seriously, these sandals are extra cozy!! They're made with high quality leather. I'm definitely going to be wearing this all summer long and they match my whole wardrobe :) 

  4. Headspace app: I've been practicing meditation for a few months now and it has helped me immensely. I've tried a few meditation apps, but this one surpasses them all. This app isn't about soothing sounds and a timer as you sit in silence. "Headspace is your very own personal trainer, here to help you train your mind." Andy (a meditation and mindfulness expert) guides you through each day. Occasionally, a cute little video pops up explaining how our minds work and how we can change the way we think, etc. and I found that they have helped me feel at ease. The first 10 days are free, after that you will have to pay for subscription to unlock all the other meditations. I ended up doing just that because I have been loving the app so much. I can't wait to unlock the meditations on Creativity! 

  5. Fjällräven Kånken: I first heard about this backpack from Fran on YouTube and I thought it was just the cutest backpack ever. I think I loved it more when I found out it's a Swedish brand, so simple yet so cute. This backpack was originally designed for younger Swedish kids who had constant back pain, and now this backpack is loved all over the world. I tend to have upper back pain, so this backpack is great! One of the cool things about this backpack is that it comes with this foam-like board that can be used when you're outdoors and need something to sit on. It's a handy little insert for when I want to urbansketch at the park or something.

  6. ASOS button down skirt: So old school, but I love it! It's definitely a summer staple for me and it pairs well with a lot of things! I probably should've gone a size down to have it more high waisted, but I'm fine with how this one looks on me. It's so cute and I can dress this up or down, either way looks great.