July Favorites 2015

I'm so excited about this particular month because I was able to film a video of the process! I'm back to making videos of my Monthly Favorites :) I think I prefer this new version better than my last. 

  1. COVER FX MATTIFYING PRIMER - This is by far my favorite primer. This was recommended by an employee at Sephora and when I first tried it, I was amazed at the application. It's in gel form, but once applied to the skin, it feels light and powdery. Such a nice feeling! It does control shine but not the whole day...honestly, I don't think there's any product that does that for me, but that's okay. My face is forever oily! lol. This primer is vegan and free of parabens, gluten, etc. I find that when I use this primer, applying my foundation is much easier and smoother. It also minimizes the appearance of my pores, which makes me happy because my pores are big, especially on my nose. I love that it has 1% Salicylic Acid. It's not supposed to fully treat acne blemishes (at least that's what the employee told me), it just simply reduces and controls them from surfacing. Usually a week or two before Aunt Flow arrives, I usually break out BIG time on my chin area (oh, hormonal acne) but this month, I didn't have any huge, annoying pimples! I did notice tiny ones forming, but it goes away the next day or so. I'm so impressed!!! I will definitely repurchase this once I run out. 
  2. BDG V-NECK DOLPHIN SHORT ROMPER - I've had this romper on my bookmarks for monthsss and I knew I had to add it to my capsule wardrobe! It's the perfect fit, super duper soft material, has pockets (which is ALWAYS a huge plus for me), my favorite shade of grey, and it's just too cute! It's an awesome piece that you can throw on and you can either wear it out or for lounging around the house (which I've been doing mostly, no shame lol.) 
  3. ORIGINS A PERFECT WORLD AGE-DEFENSE TREATMENT LOTION W/ WHITE TEA - That was a mouthful, eh? But I must say, this is officially added to my holy grail skincare items. I've always wanted to try out Origins products, and I'm so glad this was my first choice. It is EVERYTHING and I wouldn't want to skip it, ever. I bought this over a month ago on a whim, so I didn't even read reviews about it beforehand which I have a habit of doing. Best impulse buy of 2015! I haven't used a toner in years mainly because the few that I've tried have been really harsh on my sensitive skin, but this one has been really good to me. I feel that this toner pairs really well with the Cover FX Mattifying primer because they both combat acne from forming; the primer with its 1% salicylic acid and this toner with removing all of the excess dirt and makeup that my cleanser missed. I love the light, natural scent, it's not irritating at all. It really firms and hydrates. I wake up with my skin looking flawless and I believe this toner has a lot to do with it! Love, love, loveee.
  4. ORPHAN BLACK #CLONECLUB FAN MEETUP X COMIC CON - This was even better than last years meetup! Although, I wish Tatiana Maslany was there but it was still really fun! I was expecting her to come in dressed up as Alison since the theme was about her, lol. Anyway, now that the show is receiving more buzz, I already knew that the fanbase/line would be bigger. Luckily, they were able to let everyone in! It was taken place at the House of Blues and it was such a great venue. There were a lot of different activities: Seestra Tattoo Station, Fee's Photobooth (which I was really hoping to do!), Eye-patch bedazzling... They also had a few games such as: #cloneclub an Feud (Team Castor vs. Team Leda), Alison Clone/Cosplay contest, etc. It was all so much fun and I just LOVE the cast. The guys are so hilarious in person! Ah, also! My cousin was able to snag two "Team Hendrix" shirts that were thrown to the audience. Pink isn't my color, but hey I'll take it! lol.

Also, be sure to watch this speed drawing video of my July Favorites! I've added fun little clips to show you what the product actually looks like, how I use it and what the event was like! Enjoy :)