August Favorites

  1. JONATHAN ADLER PHONE DOCK - I originally saw this phone dock from Jenn Im's Home Decor video and I knew I needed it in my room! I actually waited a few months to finally purchase it because it was sold out. It's such a cute ceramic phone dock! It definitely fits in my room since it's very minimal and I just love all things white. I love that it amplifies the sound and it's great for when I need to wake up extra early. It keeps your charger in place and free from tangles. It's really sturdy, holds most smart phones and thankfully it has a grip on the base so that it doesn't fall off my nightstand or table (I'm quite clumsy.) I was a bit iffy with the original price but I'm glad I waited because I managed to find it on sale on the Nordstrom website. Score!
  2. PIXI NATURAL BROW DUO - I heard about this from my cousin when she posted an Instagram photo about how she watched a video from It'sJudyTime (another YouTube enabler, lol) and how she immediately went to the store and bought it. Knowing that, and just the fact that we're cousins and she watches Judy's videos, I KNEW I had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, I had no luck finding it in my shade, so my cousin was nice enough to pick one up for me, woo! I instantly fell in LOVE. Before this, I was using Anastasia's Pomade Dip Brow, and I was loving it but the fact that it took me awhile to apply it with the brush was really getting to me after awhile. With the Pixi brow duo, it literally only takes me 1-2 minutes! It saves me so much time! The application is super easy and I love how smooth it is. Since I'm going through my Minimalist journey, I've been trying to convert all my makeup to cruelty-free products and luckily Pixi is! This is totally my new holy grail brow product and my brows are happier than ever. 
  3. FOTASY CANON FD FL LENS TO CANON EOS M ADAPTER - Warning: I'm a total camera geek. I can spend hours and hours researching about camera lenses; reading reviews and watching youtube videos. I contemplated about purchasing a new lens for my Canon T5i but the prices can range from $100-$1000. So I found out about this adapter for my Canon EOS M and how you're able to mount old FD lenses. For those of you who don't know the difference, FD lenses are from those vintage film cameras, which luckily I have! Thanks to my Dad. I have about 5 lenses total and when the adapter arrived on my doorstep, I immediately gathered all the lenses and tried them out. I was totally geekin' out! I did have some trouble mounting on some of the lenses, but they all ended up working! :) The photo and video quality is WAY better than the 22mm kit lens that I purchased along with the EOS M, and that lens is great. Out of the 5 FD lenses, I chose the 28mm. It's just amazing!! It's even amazing because the adapter was only $17 on Amazon (excluding tax) and the lenses were pretty much, free? lol. So I saved a TON of money on this one and it provides superb quality that I can't get over. I plan to use this lens when I go on my upcoming trip to SF and I'm excited to take this baby on adventures! 
  4. KIKKI.K MEDIUM LEATHER PERSONAL PLANNER - This planner gives me fuzzy feelings, I almost treat it like a baby, lol. This isn't my first Kikki.K Planner. The first one is their Lilac Personal Planner and I have used it for over a year, I believe. I have been wanting to switch it out for a black one, because that's more my jam. This is part of their new collection and I fell in love! The quality is really great, and it holds everything together nicely. The interior is so pretty and simple, just the way I like it. This planner came with 4 blank (divider) tabs which I was quite happy about because in my Lilac planner, the dividers had titles that I didn't care for, so I had to make my own tabs with stickers and write them down manually. My new one came with a sheet of sticker tabs that already had titles on them and a few blank ones. It came with blank calendar pages so you can input the month and year on your own. Then for each divider, it came with a LOT of blank lined pages! I really like that because I'm pretty lazy when it comes to making my own pages, and having to cut and hole punch them. I ain't got time for all that, lol. I've been using the pages a lot and I love it so much :) My love for Kikki.K is here to stay, friends <3