Doodleina Revamped.

My Doodleinas have been through so many changes this past year 1/2. I know they will continue to change and I'm totally open to it! I'm the kind of person who craves newness and change every so often, and I want that to show in my work. 

On my Instagram, I've been doing this #DoodleinaFriday for almost two months now. I originally was going to make them in the form of my cut-out dolls, but suddenly my thoughts changed directions and I decided to draw Doodleina portraits on a 2X2 inch square. Then I started to find muses on Instagram which I was having fun with, but I eventually got tired of it. I just felt like it was a lot of work, especially with what I had going on with my YouTube. Youtube alone sucks a lot of my energy but I love it so much! I also felt that drawing these portraits of these pretty girls on Instagram were somehow making me lose touch of what my Doodleinas are really about. When I draw real people, it often looks like the real photo. I like photorealismit was something I was pretty good with when I worked with acrylic paintbut I want to stay away from that style with my Doodleinas. I want to create my own characters like I did in the beginning, but a little differently. 

I'm going with my gut and what I feel is more ME. As a Minimalist, I'm attracted to neutrals. And I feel that when I apply that to my work, it'll be more true to who I am as an artist and a person. Don't get me wrong, I love color (more-so in nature, food and on other people) but for some reason I feel most happy when my own space and the clothes I wear are neutral (black, white, grey, brown tones, etc.)

So I want to apply my 'minimalist tendencies' to my Doodleinas, to showcase simplicity. And to add a bit of my own personality, I'll be adding semi-humorous speech bubbles to make your Friday's brighter ;) 

The materials I use are pretty much the same except I've decided to use my grey Copic marker for the hair. I may even purchase the whole grey scale of Copic markers because they're such awesome quality.

I'm really liking the new direction! To be completely honest, when I started painting all these different girls on Instagram, I felt like I was trying to gain more recognition and followers. But, overall I found it draining and it didn't make me happy at all. I need to stop impressing others and just do what I feel is right for me, whether people like it or not. I just want to create what I love, and now I'm going to do it the right way.