Peace Lily

My "Plant Parenthood" is growing and it makes me so happy. Like I mentioned in my December Favorites below, my Dad bought me a Snake Plant and this Peace Lily (above). I have the Peace Lily on on my nightstand and it just puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. As it's doing its job with improving the air quality in my room, it's blooming at the blind of an eye! Sometimes I wish I have a time-lapse of my plants growing because it still amazes me how I, CHAR, can actually maintain house plants. lol. I never thought I had a 'green thumb' but it's all about knowing how to take care of each plant. Some require less light and water, and some require the opposite. 

I love seeing these plant babies grow before my eyes, and it definitely adds more life to my simple, white room...since I'm a person who lacks color in her wardrobe and such. haha.