My Morning Doodle Pages

Last year, I attempted this concept called Morning Pages. This idea started by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way Morning Pages journal in which every morning, you write 3 full pages of 'long-hand and stream of consciousness' thoughts. You don't read it, you don't erase and correct's just all of your thoughts and worries that have been jumbled up in your head all day. When doing so, it's supposed to help you unleash your creative-self. Morning Pages are supposed to help with productivity, clarity and comfort. Letting go of all your fears and such on paper in the morning will help you work your best for the rest of the day.

Now, I wanted to really get into it, but I know myself. Writing for more than a page, my writing becomes chicken scratch, my hand cramps up and I just hate writing for too long! lol. Which is why after a week, I decided to stop. It was interesting while it lasted. I wanted to type my thoughts on 3 document pages, but you're not supposed to. Everything has to be handwritten. 

So, with that said...I thought about doing my own version of Morning Pages. I thought about how many notebooks and sketchbooks I used to hoard and how I can really put them to good use. With the idea of Morning Pages, instead of writing my thoughts, I'm just going to doodle and write affirmations on the pages to help kick off my day on a positive note. Plus, I think this is a great exercise to boost my own creativity. And hopefully this exercise will have the same benefits as the original Morning Pages!

I think I will do better with doodling than writing. Afterall, doodling is something I do frequently! And ever since I finished my first real sketchbook last year, it has been running smoothly since then :) I'm actually going to officially start it tomorrow morning but with my Moleskine Cahier Journal (pocket size) since I bought a pack of 3 a couple months ago. 

If you're interested in this, I encourage you to start your own Morning Doodle Pages!