James Coffee Co.

So, I stopped drinking coffee for about 2-3 months, but I was really itchin' to practice urban sketching at a coffee shop. There's something about cafes/coffee shops that puts me at ease, and I knew I wanted to check one out to get me back into the groove of urban sketching. San Diego's coffee culture has been growing (and no I'm not talking about Starbucks or Coffee Bean.) SD offers a plethora of different handcrafted coffee in various locations. Most specialize in pour overs, cold brew, french press, etc. 

My friend and I decided to try out this spot on India St. called James Coffee Co. I instantly fell in love because of the industrial, old-fashioned vibe. It's definitely 'hipster' but I must admit I have a soft spot for. It's in a huge, open air space warehouse. Even with the huge "Coffee" sign on the side walk, the place looked a bit confusing at first because the entrance has a couple of hip boutique shops leading the way to their coffee stand. Towards the back end on the right hand side is a barber shop.

(Sketched in Leuchtturm pocket sketchbook)

I got their (hot) Chai Latte and it was the right temperature for me. The chai wasn't overpowering and I thought the flavors were perfect. I was just a bit sad that I didn't get any fancy latte art. lol. 

Anyway, onto the urban sketching part of this adventure. I felt quite rusty in the beginning. Drawing people in motion is going to take me a while to get used to. I kept erasing and was quite frustrated but once I finally got the sketch down (which is usually always the longest part for me) everything else went smoothly. I love that I decided to go the simple route with watercolor. I literally just let my hand do the quick strokes, I don't think about it all that much. And the icing on the cake for is always the inking. It brings the whole illustration to life! 

I can't wait for more urban sketch adventures! I didn't film this trip and drawing process because today was my warmup, lol. But I hope you all enjoyed this :)