Holsem Coffee

Today, I urban sketched at Holsem Coffee. It's located in the heart of North Park on University Ave. between 30th St. and 29th St. Like any new place I plan on visiting, I did my research the day before just so I know what to expect. They seem to offer a lot of unique blends and one of their popular drinks, La Vie En Rose (which I'd like to try next time) is very Instagram-worthy as it's sprinkled with little rose petals. Such a romantic touch ;)

I ended up getting their drink "The Woods" which consists of pure maple syrup, nutmeg, sea salt, maple bitters, and housemade hazelnut milk. And yes, they had me at HAZELNUT. It was a nice blend of sweet and salty and was really tasty. I savored every sip, lol. I was a little bummed because they didn't serve it in their cute glass coffee mugs. Womp! But, it's okay. I still enjoyed my coffee and that's all that matters right? :) The staff here is very nice and friendly, always a huge plus.

I love the interior. Like, A LOT. It's almost like walking into one of my pinterest boards with the wall art, beautiful plants, exposed brick walls, the beautiful marble, and the vintage looking chairs...everything was just beautiful. This place gets really packed. When I first took a peak on the outside, I decided to wander off in the area for almost 45 mins. and came back which was a good idea. I ended up snagging the perfect seat to start urban sketching.

This is probably my 3rd, actually 4th time urban sketching this year and I must say...I feel much more confident in drawing in public. I used to be awfully shy and scared to sketch with so many people surrounding me, but since most of the people at the coffee shop were on their laptops and/or conversing with a friend, I felt much more calm. Even if they did take a peek at what I was doing, I didn't feel self-conscious. I was in the zone especially with my music playing through my earphones. I didn't really keep track but I may have spent at least 2 hrs working on today's entry. And I think this is my favorite one so far :)