Painting my way to calm on my favorite day of the week...

As much as I love producing content for my YouTube, filming and editing can take a toll on me. It's often draining, but I still love the process. 

Lately, I've been feeling quite stressed about a lot of things. I stopped meditating for about 2 weeks now, and I definitely need to get back into that morning routine because I know that was a huge help for me. 

Today, I went to Michael's and I bought myself an adult coloring book. I honestly didn't think I'd be into it, but I guess it just depends on the theme of the coloring book. I was actually at Michael's this past Tuesday and I came across this particular one: 

Once I flipped through it, I instantly fell in LOVE with all the pages! I ended up not getting it that day, in which I later on regretted and couldn't stop thinking about it. I know, how silly of me to go crazy over an adult coloring book?! It cracks me up, actually. But seriously, everything in this coloring book is just beautiful that a couple days later...TODAY... I went back, lol. No shame! 

Honestly, best decision I've ever made. I'm only on my first page and it really is calming and therapeutic. I decided not to color with colored pencils, because I wanted to try out my watercolors to see if they would hold up well, and it does! Which I'm so happy about because painting is the most natural for me. 

I plan on making this coloring book apart of my morning routine. While I'm eating my breakfast, I'm going to bust out this beautiful coloring book to help me ease into the rest of my day. And if you read my old post about my "Morning Doodle Pages", I only lasted about 2 weeks until I got bored with it. lol. So...that was a fail. It's okay, I like to mention new ideas to you all in hopes that it will somehow help your creative juices flow. Even if something doesn't work out for me, I hope that it has helped you out somehow! :)

Anyway, I'll go back to painting Paris with my music playing in the background. Hope you all are having a lovely week! xoxo