Sketching & Coffee

Honestly, I feel like my mind is all over the place. This month has been very busy for me, especially with my job. It has been a long work week and I feel like my body hasn't fully recovered from it all. Not having a consistent work scheduleworking extra early shifts during the week and then my usual evening shifts the whole weekendhas really changed my overall mood. My sleeping schedule has been thrown off and I haven't had the time to really sit down and work in my studio. 

Thankfully, I got over the hump and I have today and tomorrow to relax a bit and pack before I head over to SF for my cousins wedding + long overdue family trip. So after I ran a couple errands early this morning, I decided to head on over to my favorite coffee spot of all time, Caffe Calabria to do some much needed urban sketching. I was craving my favorite Caffe Viennese even though today was humid. lol. ALWAYS HITS THE SPOT. 

I forgot to bring my pencil, so I had to sketch with my Copic multiliner in 0.03. It's thin and really easy to sketch with, but I feel that I put too much pressure on it. I'm afraid it'll run out of ink soon, ahh!

The last time I urban sketched was on my birthday and that was almost a month ago. I feel like I'm improving bit by bit, and it makes me happy. Still hesitant with drawing people in motion, especially with pen but I'm sure I'll get better at it.