Mini Photoshoot

My long time friend, Ianne came down to visit this past weekend and we only had a few hours to hang out. We both haven't seen each other in 3 years, and we're only a couple hours away! It has just been hard since our schedules never worked out, but thankfully I had this past Sunday off!

So, we've been talking about having photo shoots because it's something we love to do when we're together. She's been wanting to shoot in my studio, and we finally made it happen! Here's how it came out:

I'm really happy that Ianne has gotten back into photography because I told her many times that she was my main inspiration, and still is! And we both love to shoot in natural light, so I knew right away that these photos would turn out amazing! :)

We've been friends for a decade now and I love the fact that even though we don't get to see each other as often and we've been through many changes, we still manage to pick up from where we left off. Connecting with each other on a personal and creative level is definitely one of my favorite things about our friendship. My KBF#4, fifty-five ever.