San Diego Magazine - August 2016 Issue

You guys, I'm in a magazine! Say what?!

Pre-teen Char would be SO proud! When I was younger, I was an avid magazine reader, most especially Nylon magazine, and every time I would see cool illustrations from featured artists, I dreamt of the day I would have my art in a magazine. I didn't care what magazine, I just wanted to have my art recognized on print. Whenever I would see cool illustrations in a magazine, I would cut them up and pin them on my walls for inspiration. I never thought in a million years that I would be featured in a magazine, and I'm so proud to say my first one is on my hometown's very own magazine! In a way I think it's silly for me to get overly excited about this, but this has been something I've dreamt about as a young girl. And honestly, I imagined the feature to be smaller, but when I saw that it's half a hands were literally shaking! I sat there on that single chair in the corner of Barnes and Noble and sat there for a good few minutes, almost about to burst into tears, but I contained myself! lol. 

July has personally been a rough month for me, and I'm just so happy that this little feature showed up for me just in time and brought me so much joy and hope. It only makes me want to work harder at what I love to do. With that said, I'd like to end this post with a quote from my creative hero:

"What I've learned is to keep doing what you love to do and believe that it's worth something. If you believe in something so much and keep putting time into it, eventually everybody else will catch up."
-Wendy Macnaughton

I'm just so thankful to San Diego Magazine for giving me this cool opportunity and I hope there will be more cool features in the future! If you're in the San Diego area, be sure to grab a copy of their August Issue. Your girl is on page 66, by the way ;)