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I haven't maintained a proper blog for quite some time now, and my simplynewtral blog has been at a standstill as of late. I apologize for those who have been avid readers of that blog, but it just didn't feel like home anymore. It was the home for all my outfit photos, and it's been 4-5 months since I've been frequent in that department. 

Since I've made my Art my main priority, I thought it would be best to relaunch my blog on squarespace :) 

I'm really going to push myself to post on here often. For the last couple of weeks, I've been moving at a very leisurely pacedue to this humid SoCal weather and my jobbut I'm trying to pull myself together.

For this blog, I'm hoping to post more Work In Progress, my YouTube videos, continue my OOTD's in art form and if you're interested in some Slice Of Life posts (my travels, daily things) then let me know in the comments section! 

Hope all is well, loves :)