An update for ya'll

I was thinking of filming a video about the changes I'll be making, but I haven't been feeling well these past few days and have been busy with work, which is where I have to be at in less than an hour (so I'm here trying to type all my thoughts before then!)

I know I haven't been uploading videos on my YouTube channel, and if you've been waiting for something new I apologize. It's not that I'm lacking ideas, I have ideas that I've been wanting to put out there for you, but I just haven't found the proper time to do it all.

I haven't been in the mood these days, mainly with filming my Urban Sketch videos. When was the last one I uploaded? It might've been a month ago already....oh gosh. Urban Sketch was what started my YouTube channel and I initially wanted to have an Urban Sketch video up every Thursday. That went well for maybe a month an a half, but over time I've been getting interested in other things. For instance, my doodleinas. 

Now, I DO plan on making more Urban Sketch, because I still thoroughly enjoy really calms me. But trying to produce a video every week, it's not something I can do right now. If you remember from my Introduction video on my channel, I talked about how I want to document my life and things that make me happy in my sketchbooks and that I want to have a whole bookshelf filled with them for myself and my future family. It's still something I dream about. I just think with where I am right now, I can't and quite honestly, simply don't have the time and enthusiasm with filming an Urban Sketch video every week. Once in a while when I do have free time, YES. When I travel, ABSOLUTELY. So, if you have enjoyed those videos you'll see more in the future, just not as frequent when I first started.

For my channel, I still plan on doing my Monthly Favorite videos because they're just so fun to do and I feel that you learn more about me through those videos. I also plan on doing a What's In My Bag video sometime in the future. With what I have planned, it's going to take a while so please be patient :) I also want to continue making my Doodleina Speed Drawing videos, in hopes that they will improve. Also, I do want to start vlogging again..only when there's something interesting to show you all. Haha. 

Now, with Instagram, I plan to be much more frequent with posting so if you're not already, follow me on there if you want to see more urban sketch and doodleinas! Follow me at: charvillena

It's much more convenient for me and I'm able to get more interaction with my followers + family and friends. I may start doing more 15 sec videos on Instagram with my doodleinas, trying to improve my stop motion "skills", lol. I did upload my first one a few days ago, so check it out on my Instagram feed :)

So that's what happening, folks. Hope you all understand where I'm coming from and that all of this made sense because I'm literally typing as quick as I can while eating my lunch. haha. I feel like I'm leaving a few things out, but if I remember them I'll let you girls know!

Have an awesome day and thanks for all the support and love!!