Doodleinas & Junk

New Doodleina series! :) 

So this idea came to me right after a nap I had the other day and as I flipped through good 'ol Instagram. Tons of people posting junk food that we can't help but drool over. Ugh, those cravings yo! So I thought of making a series with my Doodleinas and make it like their junk food confessions. I'm about to start on my second one quite soon, but I also have to finish my June Favorites. AHH. Thankfully, I don't have a deadline for this series, but I'm so pumped to make this all happen!

In some exciting news, I'm planning on posting these up on my Society 6 when I've completed a good amount for this series, so if you're interested you'll be able to purchase art prints, iphone cases, etc of my work! And I'm also planning on opening up my very own Etsy shop but not TOO soon, I've just been thinking about it. I have a lot of ideas so please be patient :)

I hope you guys can stay tuned for more from this series because it's something that really makes me happy! Cause, ya know...FOOD. Duh.