I've become obsessed.

Planner addict? Officially, yes. When I first bought my Filofax I told myself to just stick to one planner. I saw so many ladies collecting planners left and right and I thought to myself, I can't afford to do that nor do I want to. It's just too much for me! 

About my Filofax, I failed to mention that I had ordered it in the color Electric Blue. I received it in the mail and the color wasn't what I wanted. I don't even think the color I received was even on the website anymore which I thought was odd. I didn't return it because I actually liked the color regardless and I just wanted to go straight to planning. I love the quality of my Filofax, I know that it'll last awhile but one thing I don't like is its stiffness. Laying it flat on the table was a struggle so every time I would want to write on my pages, I'd have to take them out of the rings and lay the pages on my table. It was annoying. 

Then a couple weeks after, I stumbled across someone's IG feed and they posted about kikki.K's new time planner collection. In its gorgeous lilac color with gold foil diamonds...it was totally droolworthy!! 

I mean, LOOK AT IT. It's so damn gorgeous. I couldn't help but stare at it for a minute and I just knew I had to get my hands on it before they sold out. I literally purchased it that same night (I seriously have this problem with impulse buys during the AM, lol) and couldn't stop thinking about it.

kikki.K is a Swedish brand based in Australia. It's no surprise that I was automatically attracted to kikki.K's designs because I'm a huge lover of Scandinavian designs!

Shipping was surprisingly fast. I was a bit annoyed that they didn't provide any sort of tracking, but I guess it's a fun surprise when it arrives on your doorstep when you least expect it. 

I'm SO IN LOVE with my new kikki.K planner! It's everything that I wanted. For one thing, it lays flat which is a huge plus! There's more room and writing on a page is no problem at all. The pockets are much roomier than my Filofax and the pen loop stretches so I can bring along my chunky pens. So awesome, I can't get over it. I love holding it in my hands. it's not too bulky but it's the right amount of bulk to make me feel like I can accomplish everything on my schedule. 

Sorry to say that I've quickly moved on from Filofax to kikki.K. I'll definitely be purchasing more from kikki.K because everything on their site is right up my creative alley. I want everything on there! Heck, if they decide to one day open up a shop here in San Diego, I'd want to work there in a heartbeat. HAH!

Lillian loves her new little pocket on the front page of my new kikki.K planner. I think she plans on staying here for awhile :)

Time to get planning for next week! Hope you all are having a great weekend xoxo