#CAtoNY2015 | Day 3

This Saturday morning was accompanied by some snow! It wasn't heavy snow, it was mainly flurries. This was my first time experiencing snow falling down from the sky so it was pretty nice :) 

Tin made us all a really nice breakfast. Totally something I'd eat at home but on a whole other level! I loved it so much!

The first thing on our list that day was Macy's in Herald Square. They had this beautiful flower show throughout the whole store and it was just amazing to look at!

Had my first hotdog with sauerkraut which was really good btw. 

Then we made our way to the Guggenheim! 

For dinner, we met up with Tin & Justin at Bamontes for some real Italian food. Everything was just delish! It was such a great way to end the night, good food & good company, always! <3

#CAtoNY2015 | Day 2

Day 2 was when the real fun began! Unfortunately, Tin & Justin had to work. Womp! The CA squad was complete though and we were ready for our Friday adventure in the city :)

First stop: Toys R Us! It was huge and MadyfaceCase was filled with pure happiness. They had a ferris wheel at the front of the store, which she went on before we left the store. She chose 'Nanong&Brittany' to ride with her and it was the longest ferris wheel ride I've ever watched, lol. I guess it was worth the money, eh? 

After Toys R Us we were set on getting lunch at the infamous Shake Shack. Before that though, Mady really wanted a pretzel so we each shared one and it was BOMB. 

Once we got to Shake Shack, there was a long line which we all expected. 

I got the single Shack Burger with cheese fries and iced tea. I was contemplating on getting a shake, but I was really thirsty for water or tea.

The verdict? SO. GOOD. The best part for me would have to be the cheese fries because, c'mon... best combo ever. The Shack Burger was pretty good, but it was so small and the buns were a bit soggy for my taste. If I had to choose, In N Out would be the one because everything they make is so fresh. Shake Shack's cheese fries tho. On point! And I did get a sip of my sister's shake which was pretty awesome.

Afterwards, we headed to Mady's favorite part of the day: M&M World. Anything you can possibly think of, they have it in M&M form! 

Now, my favorite part of the day? MoMA! We were lucky to have gone on a day where it was free to the public and waiting in a long ass line was SO worth it! We got to see Björk's exhibition. "Black Lake" totally brought on the feels. The song is so sad but the whole idea of the video and room that it was playing in was brilliant. 

We looked around, got to see pieces by Picasso (which is now Mady's favorite painter), took a selfie in front of The Starry Night. Mission accomplished ;)

Then we did some shopping! I came up on a pair of sunglasses from TopShop which I love! It's similar to my UO sunnies that I wear often.

We were getting hungry and were originally going to eat at Momofuku, but the line was too long and we didn't want to wait in the freezing cold. So we opt for this one Japanese restaurant across the way. We couldn't figure out the name of it until maybe the end of our dinner. We thought it was called Sapporo East but we finally asked the waiter and he said Beron Beron. SO OFF, LOL. Despite having the worst table in the restauranttotally in front of the entrance where we were always hit by a gust of cold wind everytime someone opened the doorit was really good! Probably the best Chicken Katsu Curry I've ever had. Mm. Definitely a real foodie adventure! :)

#CAtoNY2015 | Day 1

The flight to New York was a tiring one. We were running on 2-3 hours of sleep and headed over to LAX around 2:30 AM to catch our flight at 5:55AM. Then we had a layover at St. Louis, Missouri for 2 hours and we were on our way to our destination. 

We arrived in NYC around 4:30PM and it was such a drastic change of weather from San Diego for sure. The temp was in the 40's, a bit of sprinkle and super gloomy. All the trees were bare and I knew we weren't in California anymore, lol.

When we arrived at my cousin Tin and her bf Justin's place, we were greeted with some delicious pizza! Such an awesome welcome! :) We got settled in for a bit, met their cat Alaska, chatted and then we were off to Justin's art show at Kinfolk. If you're not familiar with his work you should definitely follow him on Instagram: @justinhager. His work is so dope and clever.

After the show, we headed back to their place (our home away from home) and waited for my cousin Artemus and his fiance Brittany to arrive from their flight. Then we went to bed shortly after.