#CAtoNY2015 | Day 1

The flight to New York was a tiring one. We were running on 2-3 hours of sleep and headed over to LAX around 2:30 AM to catch our flight at 5:55AM. Then we had a layover at St. Louis, Missouri for 2 hours and we were on our way to our destination. 

We arrived in NYC around 4:30PM and it was such a drastic change of weather from San Diego for sure. The temp was in the 40's, a bit of sprinkle and super gloomy. All the trees were bare and I knew we weren't in California anymore, lol.

When we arrived at my cousin Tin and her bf Justin's place, we were greeted with some delicious pizza! Such an awesome welcome! :) We got settled in for a bit, met their cat Alaska, chatted and then we were off to Justin's art show at Kinfolk. If you're not familiar with his work you should definitely follow him on Instagram: @justinhager. His work is so dope and clever.

After the show, we headed back to their place (our home away from home) and waited for my cousin Artemus and his fiance Brittany to arrive from their flight. Then we went to bed shortly after.