#CAtoNY2015 | Day 3

This Saturday morning was accompanied by some snow! It wasn't heavy snow, it was mainly flurries. This was my first time experiencing snow falling down from the sky so it was pretty nice :) 

Tin made us all a really nice breakfast. Totally something I'd eat at home but on a whole other level! I loved it so much!

The first thing on our list that day was Macy's in Herald Square. They had this beautiful flower show throughout the whole store and it was just amazing to look at!

Had my first hotdog with sauerkraut which was really good btw. 

Then we made our way to the Guggenheim! 

For dinner, we met up with Tin & Justin at Bamontes for some real Italian food. Everything was just delish! It was such a great way to end the night, good food & good company, always! <3